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The Growing Roots Team

We are here for ALL your needs....

IMG_6413 2.HEIC
In case you have not heard me say it enough times. I am going back to Africa. Iganga, Ugan

Kelly Graham-Milligan, CPM, PMP

Midwife, Naturopath, Master Herbalist, and  Phytomedicine Practitioner.

Midwife and full of love to give.

My life is dedicated to helping women. 


Scott Milligan 

Logistics Specialist, my husband the best partner ever, and generally keeps it all together and keeps us fed at births. 

Paterson Family 2023 -9.jpg
Paterson Family 2023 -9.jpg

Karli Paterson 
Student Midwife 

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Drew Clawson

Personal Assistant to Midwife Kelly and Birth Assistant 

Hello beautiful families,

My name is Drew, I am a mama to a beautiful baby boy. I am a passionate birth assistant and postpartum assistant, dedicated to supporting you through one of the most transformative experiences of your life. With a heart full of compassion and hands skilled in providing comfort, I am here to help guide you through the journey of childbirth & the postpartum period. 

My philosophy is centered around the power and strength that each mama holds within. I believe in creating a serene and supportive environment that honors your individual birth plan.  

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