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My Practice Philosophy
Love. Educate. Empower. Trust. Authentic Care.

Undisturbed, unhindered, gentle, and loving birth is the new paradigm of birthing. It is what women should have no matter what. What that means is you are making decisions for yourself and your health and baby. Women and birthing families are taking back their right to birth in their own strength and power. They are taking back their right to take control back of their birth and make decisions that are best for them. Birth is not a medical event in most cases. Midwives and Doctors do not need to be "delivering babies". Mothers and fathers should be the ones ushering tighter babies into his world with their Midwife standing by incase she is needed. But that is not the case in most of the country. It is a PRIORITY in my practice. It is most often turned into a medical event in current society in the hospital environment. In some circumstances a hospital is the safest place for a woman to give birth. No matter where or how a woman gives birth it will be the most powerful life changing day in her life. A powerful day that makes her a mother. My path in life is to help you through all the phases of the childbearing year with love, support, and education.

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