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Home birth in Georgia

Our specialty is holistic in home care. My goal is to not only make sure you are healthy and well in pregnancy but healthy, well, and thriving through all of your childbearing years and beyond.


Along with traveling and Global Midwifery my schedule is always changing. We are mobile and are able to attend births anywhere so reach out and let us know where you are.

Global Fee for Homebirth:


*We offer a payment plan on the total fee (including photog) of minimum of $500 a month paid off by 36 weeks.  

(see FAQ page for more info).

Includes: everything except 12 towels, birth tub liner,  20 week anatomy scan, and the Pain Free Birth class that is recommended that everyone take especially first time moms. 

All prenatal tea and herbs, all birth supplies and a beautiful birth and postpartum kit that includes all PP healing balms/herbs/steams, postpartum supplies for the first week, all herbs that I prescribe made by me, 2-3 rounds of blood work, in home ultrasounds, all the herbs and meds that may be used at a birth, GBS testing if you wish, constant nutrition advice, and a lot of love!

I always come to your birth with my student and in many cases my assistant as well. You will get to spend the PN period getting to know all of us. We will make sure your breast feeding journey is supported. We will make sure you get all the support and education possible to make the journey as fulfilling and "easy" as possible. 


Virtual prenatal and postpartum care 

Pregnancy and birth are perfectly created with intention. Today's model of care for birthing women is rooted in a system that does not put the women in charge of their care. A system that sees birth as medical event that needs help or saving. A system that takes away a woman's power, strength, and rights. She's just a passenger along for the ride. You deserve better. You deserve more. You deserve care that encompasses everything about you. Care that is holistic and rooted in love, connection, and support. Contact me for more information. My holistic care model revolves around nutrition, education, movement, mindset, and lifestyle.


1 single session 60 minute session: $150

10 Virtual Prenatal/Postpartum visit with text message access 60 mins each : $1000

Blood work: $175-$200


Global Midwifery 

Traveling the globe and attending to women in disadvantaged communities in the developing world is my biggest passion in life. Teaching, education, disaster relief, and emergency response work is something that God created me for. I have delivered babies in tents, on the side of the road, in clinics with no electricity or running water, and everything in between. 

Teaching doctors and midwives my gentle birth and compassionate complication model is one of my biggest loves in life. If you would like for me to teach at your facility (anywhere on the globe) please reach out and we will set it up. 

Naturopathic Health and Well Woman Care 


Having a healthy low risk pregnancy start FAR before you actually get pregnant. Lifestyle changes, nutrtion changes, exercise implementation, mindset, and proper supplementation are just a few of the things that need to be done for a healthy conception and pregnancy.

If you are not pregnant and want to heal yourself body, mind, and soul for good then Naturopathic health care is what you need. Much like my philosophy on pregnancy as a Naturopath I will support you and show you how to do the hard work that it takes to heal and THRIVE in life. There is no magic pill. Naturopathic health care is about finding the root and helping you learn to heal your self through herbs, food, exercise, lifestyle changes, and other healing modalities. If you have been stuck feeling like junk and society has made you believe thats just the way that women feel take a step back and think if you truly believe that you were created to struggle or were you created to thrive. You were created to thrive. 


$150 for initial 1.5 hr appointment plus 30 minutes follow up. 

Labs and clinical test range: $150-$300

After the first appointment you will leave with a plan of action. Once we receive your blood work I will make custom herbal formulas based on your individual needs. 

*I see people in my office in Albany, GA and virtual. 

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