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Post Partum Healing 
Customized for YOU. Focused on YOU.

Putting YOU first so that yo can focus on what's inportant 

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Healthy Meal

Post Partum Healing Meal Delivery 

Beside being an international Midwife I am a Certified Plant Based and Raw Chef and Naturopath.  My focus has always been healing foods, herbs, and superfoods. I 100% believe that food is medicine and its an imperative part of your post partum recovery and healing. I have worked with women all over the globe and nutrition is always one of the foundations of post partum care and recovery.

Sample Menu 

Post Partum In Home Healing

Post Partum Midwifery, Wellness, and Healing.
As a Certified Midwife and Traditional Naturopath I take the post partum period very seriously. In the hospital birth culture there is NO post partum care. In my own Midwifery practice I have very strict "rules" for the post partum period. The 5/5/5 rule. 5 days in bed legs together strict skin to skin around the clock .
These "rules" and the care I give is based on thousands of years traditional post partum care around the globe.

The post partum care that we know right now is severely lacking and a great contributor to post partum depression or post partum mood disorders. Lack of support and lack of sleep are the biggest contributors to PPMD's. This along with being so far away from traditional support and how we were created to heal in the most important and sacred post partum period. We as a society and community need to do better.

 I created this customized post partum service for all of those reason. I want to help help women connect with the roots of this transformational post partum period. I have traveled, lived, and work all over the globe for over 30 years. I have been studying women and their cycles in life for a lifetime. And the one common thing is women that thrive in the post partum period have support, they heat healing foods and drink healing drinks that are full of herbs and superfoods, and they get rest. 

Emotional, physical, and spiritual healing is the foundation of this program. The 2 week program includes:
2 weeks in home post partum care:Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm

1 meeting prior to birth to discuss and plan for the PP period including talking about the post partum period and the importance of skin to skin in the first 2 weeks.
Breast feeding support 

Help and guidance with co-sleeping, cloth diapering, baby wearing 
In home meal prep that includes 3 meals per day, custom teas, custom infusions, custom herbal blends 
Traditional Healing: Reiki, Sound Healing, Vibrational Healing, Essential oil and Herbal healing, belly binding, closing the bones, custom yoni (vaginal)  steaming, womb healing , custom herbal baths 
2 Post Partum massages (provided in home by a local LMT who is also a doula)

Per Day: $350
Per Week: (Monday-Thursday 9m-2pm) : $1850
2 Week Package: (Monday- Thursday 9am-2pm) : $2800
Weekend Food Package add on:

Great Festive desert, chia seeds pudding with cranberry sauce and granberry jelly in jars,

Post Partum Placenta Medicine 

Im thrilled to make you custom healing placenta chocolate. I can also make a raw placenta cheesecake in whatever flavor you would like. Please check out the Placenta Medicine page. 

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