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Pricing and Payments


Inclusive Cost: $5000

What that includes: All care is done in the clients home unless other arrangements have been made, all prenatal, birth, and post partum care, all basic blood work (usually at intake, 28-30 weeks, after Covid and possibly at 36 weeks, and if anything comes up in between), GBS testing, diabetes screening, birth and postpartum kits and all supplies used, birth tub, herbs and teas, basic ultrasound scans with portable ultrasound.

Other out of pocket cost: 20 week anatomy scan ($150), birth tub liner, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, and any other supplements you may need during the course of your pregnancy, and a stack of 12 towels that we ask you to have for the birth.

Payment Plan

A $500 non refundable deposit is required. 

Payments need to be paid at EVERY prenatal appointment. Please be prepared to make your payment before your prenatal appointment via whatever payment method we decide on. 

Payments are minimum $500 a month. 

Balance must be paid off by 36 weeks. Please plan your payments accordingly.

We reserve the right to terminate care after 36 weeks if balance is not paid or no payment plan as been worked out.

PLEASE do not make us chase you. 

Contrary to what you may have heard trained and certified Midwives do not attend births for free like in the 70's. It's a new era and it cost money for us to be your Midwife.

If your having trouble making payment PLEASE talk to me and we can try to work something out. Please do not wait until 37 weeks.


If you are looking for holistic well woman and wellness care that is different that the typical OBGYN model you have found it. Body, mind, and soul we take the whole person into consideration. Each person receives care based on their individual needs. All labs are separate from the appointment cost. 

Please see Naturopathic Health page or prices. 

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