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Our Services

Your Midwifery Care

Pre Natal care~ During your prenatal care you will be scheduled for hour long appointments and all of your questions and concerns will always be addressed. We will spend a lot of time talking about nutrition (which is my speciality) , physical comforts and discomforts, lifestyle, and stress management. Each visit we will take vital signs, check urine, asses fetal heart tones, measure your growth, and discus specific pregnancy milestones. What we WILL NOT DO  is routine vaginal exams or vaginal exams without a real need in the prenatal or birthing period. We will meet monthly until 28 weeks, bi monthly until 36 weeks, and weekly until birth. I encourage you to bring your partner and doula and anyone else who will be attending the birth to any of the prenatal appointments. 

Prenatal Labs~ Your prenatal labs and 20 week ultrasound are included in the fee.

Birth Kit~ We will supply you with your birth kit that will have all the necessities for your home birth. 

Hollistic Approach~I provide community holistic Midwifery . That means I am not just concerned with your birth. YOUR EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL,  AND SPIRITUAL NEEDS are important to me. I want you to have access to accupouncture, chiropractic, massage, doulas, and any other modality you may want. I will make sure that you are given all the proper referrals, recommendations, and support that you need in order to maintain a happy and balanced pregnancy and post partum period. 

Collaborative Care~ As a community Midwife it is my job to refer out too and collaborate with other local practitioners so that you have a team of people that work together to make sure that you have the best care possible. I practice safe Midwifery therefor if the time arises I will transfer you care timely and to the most appropriate provider. 


Qualified and Trained Assistant~

Immediate Post Partum~

The Post Partum Period ~

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