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Midwife. Humanitarian. Educator. Passionate about women. 

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Kelly Graham-Milligan CPM, Certified Professional Midwife
Hi! My name is Kelly Graham-Milligan, CPM. I am a Certified Professional Midwife, Educator, Speaker, Phytomedicine Practitioner , Medicinal Herbalist, Traditional Naturopath, Nutritional Counselor, Plant Based Medicine Chef, Aromatherapist, Vibrational Therapist,  Raw Vegan and Healing Chef, and Reiki Practitioner. I am also a RYT200 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and daily yoga practitioner. I am a lifetime learner and will always be seeking more education. Right now I am finishing a double doctorate in Phytomedicine (herbal medicine doctor) and Naturopathic Medicine (traditional naturopathic doctor). I am a lifelong advocate and fighter for women and women's rights. My biggest passion within Midwifery is education. My education and experience span 30 years and it has taught me to integrate both traditional health care and western health care for the perfect balance of SAFE EVIDENCE BASED CARE that is designed for each individual that I see. I am a lover of travel, nature, yoga, creating beautiful healing foods, and RV life. My husband (Scott) is my best friend and true partner in life. He is my real Midwifery partner who has traveled the globe with me serving women. When we are not attending home births we are traveling the globe making content and documentaries about women around the world while brining awarness and advocacy  to the struggle of women in the childbearing years.

EVERY DOLLAR I make from CBD goes into h

Catching Babies is only a small part of what I do.

My purpose and path in life is to guide women to find their own empowerment and trust that only comes from within and own it. Midwifery means with woman. And that is exactly who I am. I'm with woman. I will stand by your side and I will always support you to make the decisions that come from within. Because I trust you and I trust your body. I believe with all of my heart that every birthing person deserves a safe, empowering, and non traumatic birth. Because "all we want is a healthy baby and mom" is absolutely not enough in today's world. I have been with woman for a majority of my life starting from the early days when I was educating my own peer group about herbs, sexuality, childbirth, woman reproductive health, going to sister circles, speaking, teaching, and always being there for anyone in my community who needed me. Over the years I have evolved as a woman, student, practitioner, and human being  and so has my practice of being with woman. 

I was born to do this work.

My mother is a feminist. The original kind. She fought and marched for my and my generations rights as women. Her and the women like her blazed the path for me to do the work that I do. I was born to do this work. It was in my blood from the moment I was conceived. I come from a lineage of STRONG WOMEN.  I started educating myself on reproductive and women's health around 10 when I started experiencing my own reproductive health issues that took over my life for a long time. I became "obsessed" with studying women's health and pregnancy and started educating myself in every way I could. I took my first herbal training at 15. Everything from traditional college to self paced learning to apprentice learning, I have learned through every method. I have done it all . It has been 30 years and I still continue to educate myself, take trainings and classes, learn knew skills, and read tons of research. I am always in a new class or 2.  In 1994 I started my first health business and it has grown and evolved since then. I attended my first birth in 2009 and shortly after that I left the country with the goal to travel the world and learn everything I could about women, Midwifery, community health, and the way women live, eat, and birth. I did that and so much more.

My education in women's health and natural healing spans 30 years.

When I knew Midwifery was my purpose I felt deep in my heart that it was imperative for me to learn from traditional communities and the western medical communities. I wanted to learn from Midwives that had been part of the fight and advocacy in the 60's and 70's.  I wanted to work within a holistic model that trusted the woman's body as much as I did. But I also wanted to learn the clinical skills that saved baby and women lives. This was my number one goal. I wanted to learn advanced skills. I wanted to learn to handle all the complications so that I could ensure that women could have safe, empowering, non traumatic birth in every corner of the globe. During the years I attended and graduated from Midwives College of Utah Complication management in low low resource settings was my main research interest. I have a degree in Midwifery Science from Midwives College of Utah that exceeds that ICM (international confederation of Midwives) strict standards and is endorsed by ACOG as the training and education required for a safe home birth. I am also a nationally certified Midwife and Preceptor through our certifying body NARM.

Life experience is everything.

I have spent the last 15 years in the field practicing Women's Health, Nutrition, and Midwifery. I have spent the last 10 years traveling and working in the developing world. I decided that I needed to spend time with women around the globe in order to truly understand the hardships and the happiness of women around the world and in all cultures. Learning the way the that women in traditional cultures live, give birth, eat, cook, their spiritual practices and interact with their communities and health care providers has given me a unique perception on how women really do rule the world. But I have also seen how devastatingly difficult and hard it is for women to survive. In many cultures still today women are disposable. I knew I needed to be part of the change early in life. And now I strive to be part of the global solution. 


My earliest memories I wanted to be a "doctor" and work in "the field". I had dreams of running into emergency situations and giving health care and attending to pregnant women. I trusted my instinct and knew God had a plan fo me. And he did. The path has been so much more than I every could have imagined. I have done exactly what I always dreamed of. I traveled the globe and started my own NGO/non-profit with my husband. He is a master carpenter, builders logistician. Together we are an unstoppable team and have helped so many thousands of humans through our organization. We have done everything from building refugee camps during the Syrian Refugee Crisis, setting up clinics in Uganda, catching babies in tents after a massive devastating typhoon in The Philippines, traveling SE Asia and India consulting, building a clinic on the beach in Cambodia and so much more. I have given care to thousands of women, children, and men over the years. 

I have been a world traveler from birth and wanted to see what the world really held for women in their childbearing years. Over the years I have spent uncountable hours with Traditional Healers, Medical Doctors and Surgeons, Naturopathic Doctors, Chinese Medicine Doctors, and everyone in between. I have attended birth in the most medicalized environment and I have also stood in a corner and observed while a woman took charge of her entire birth and I never needed to touch her. I have attended breech, twins, and VBAC's in tents during the worst natural disaster to ever hit this planet. I have experience working in clinic/hospital settings, village health center settings, home and community settings, and everything in between.  I have crafted my skills of expertise in Midwifery and Midwifery Complications, Low Resource Midwifery, Midwifery Education, Herbal and Plant Medicine, Nutrition, and Natural Healing.  The years traveling the globe and learning the stories of women spans over my lifetime  and it has made me the strong and SAFE Midwife I am today. 

Life for women in the developing world is hard.jpg

I have responded to disasters, civil war, natural disasters, and the refugee crisis. My husband and I build clinics, set up refugee camps, train Midwives, provide community health care, and provide healthy plant based nutrition.  When I was a kid I learned who Doctors Without Borders was and always dreamed about working with them. But instead I started my own disaster response organization and did work in the field next to them instead of FOR them. This was a career highlight for sure. 

As of November of 2023 going forward I will be attending home birth in the Albany to Valdosta/border area. 

In 2023 Scot and I will be back traveling and documenting all of it for our upcoming Your Tube channel called Travelers With Heart. Please follow us and subscribe to our channel and support us on our newest journey. 

We are Kelly (Midwife/Doctor in 2023) and Scott (Builder) and our life revolves around bringing awareness and love to the women around the globe. We have both been traveling the world since we were quite young. In utero for me is when i started as traveling is in my blood (my mother was the original wanderluster) and Scott rode his bike from Orlando, Fl to Costa Rica when he was in his 30’s and he was hooked after that. As of now I have been to 44 countries. We love to travel and we love plant based food and living. We hope to give you a look into the real lives of women and families around the globe. We highlight the strength and empowerment that women gain through childbirth, food, and community through videos and storytelling. Through our travels we will bring you the real stories of women, how they birth, how they eat, and how they live. And of course we will show you how no matter what age you are you can backpack and adventure on a budget through the most incredible locations on the globe while doing good things for the world at the same time.



















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