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The best thing that you can do fo your body, your pregnancy, your health, your reproductive system, your hormones, and your community is to eat a whole food plant predominant diet. Beside being the most traditionally eaten around the globe the plant predominant diet is backed by as much science as you want to read. One of the best parts of a plant rich diet in pregnancy is it lowers your risk of gestational diabetes drastically. A diet full of whole plant nutrient dense foods is going to give you a much better pregnancy with healthier outcomes. No one has ever told a pregnant woman to eat less fruit and vegetables. 



 The World Health Organization, American Heart Association, American Heart Society, International Cancer Research Institute and The American College of Cardiologist have all given recommendations for plant predominant diets. Science continuously shows us over and over agin that a diet full of fruit, a rainbow of vegetables, whole grains, root vegetables, raw greens, herbs, seeds, and nuts is not only preventive to disease and cancer but also can turn disease around. Eating a diet rich in plants can help you prevent and help treat everything from infertility to cancer.  

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