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Placenta Services  

Not only am I a Midwife, I am a Certified Plant Based and Raw Chef and Chocolatier. I have been making healing chocolates for my communities for many years. These are organic dark chocolates with zero refined sugar or additives, vegan, and full of superfoods and herbs. Chocolate made with love, intension, and healing ingredients.


One of my greatest passions in life is creating healing foods, ingredients, medicines, concoctions, and anything else that will help people heal. Food is medicine and that is something that I live by. The placenta has incredible benefits and for those that have chosen to consume their placenta this preparation takes it a step up. I will customize an herbal or superfood blend that will benefit your personal needs. Along with the bonbons you will get a fully supportive post partum package. 

Placenta Bonbons and More: 

I have one all inclusive placenta package.

Cost $500

This includes:

In most cases birth location pickup and home drop off of products

60 Organic Placenta Chocolate Bonbons with custom superfood and herbal ingredients

1month supply of organic custom post partum tea

1 month supply of organic herbal baths (8 bath "teabags" that can be used 2 times). 

Placenta Print 

Placenta Tincture 

Placenta Fertilizer for babies tree

Placenta Healing Bottom Spray or C-Section salve 

Cord Keepsake 

*Add $50 for addition of organic locally grown CBD 

*Central Florida area 

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