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Birth in our society is overmedicalized and over managed. Women and birthing families are so far removed from what natural birth looks like. The powers that be flood society with fear. Horrible birth scenes in movies. The extreme pain that unnecessary inductions cause that women accept as natural labor because thats what everyone gets these days. We have lost our way as a society that supports women and birthing families. You have to claim your right to birth however you want! 

Undisturbed, unhindered, autonomous births is the new paradigm of birthing. Women and birthing families are taking back their right to birth in their own strength and power. They are taking back their right to take control back of their birth and make decisions that are best for them. Birth is not a medical event. It is most often turned into a medical event in current society. 

My role is to be your guide, your resource, your and support through the whole evolution of your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, the post partum period.

My Philosophy

I believe every woman has the inate knowledge to know what she and her baby needs. I believe that God created us perfectly for childbirth. The intention that went into creating the way women gave birth is quite mind blowing. When you step back and allow the body to do the job it was created to do magic happens. As a Midwife my job is to facilitate the most natural and intended birth possible. Its also my job to give you as much love as I can and hold space while you go through the most life changing event in your life. 

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