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As a Midwife I have so many different roles and ways I provide services. I provide services and education around the globe.  Right now my number one goal is to shed light on women around the world and how they give birth. Scott and I will be spending time traveling in 2023 and 2024 toSE Asia and Africa documenting the lives of women along with attending home births in the Valdosta to Albany Georgia areas. The intention is to make mini documentaries and you tube content to bring awareness to global birthing women. From Georgia to Thailand I will go anywhere to aid women in the fight for women and birthing freedom! 
Being a global traveler gives me the opportunity to do more virtual care and reach more people. Read below about how you can work with me virtually. Also below read about how you can have me come to your facility to train care providers in gentle birth and emergency/complication skills. 



Homebirth Services in Georgia 

I have a very limited schedule. Right now I am only taking a select group of home birth clients in South Georgia. I am taking repeat clients across the state and new clients in the Southern part of Georgia. Please see the calendar (under the more tab) for my availability.. 

For November 2023 we still have 3 spots available in the Albany to Valdosta area.

Global Fee for Homebirth: $5500 (see FAQ page for more info).







Virtual Prenatal and Postpartum Care

Pregnancy and birth are perfectly created with intention. Today's model of care for birthing women is rooted in a system that does not put the women in charge of their care. A system that sees birth as medical event that needs help or saving. A system that takes away a woman's power, strength, and rights. She's just a passenger along for the ride. You deserve better. You deserve more. You deserve care that encompasses everything about you. Care that is holistic and rooted in love, connection, and support. Contact me for more information. My holistic care model revolves around nutrition, education, movement, mindset, and lifestyle. 

1 single session 60 minute session: $200

10 Virtual Prenatal/Postpartum visit with text message access 60 mins each : $1750






Global Midwifery, Nonprofit, and Volunteer Services 



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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